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Arm Yourself with Tools and Knowledge

So you can confidently walk away from alcohol without losing your social life, sense of humor or personality.

Kersten Berthold

I enjoyed the daily emails and video clips, which gave the group such a personal note.  Accountability is what I needed, someone to encourage me and a group of people on the same path.  I'm now 92 days alcohol free and counting

Sara Kaufman-Bradstreet

Course Facilitator

What You’ll Get During This 30 Day Challenge?


30 Days of Exclusive Access

to Motivational Videos


One Year VIP Access - Private Facebook Community


One Year Weekly Live Q&A Videos with Sara

Total Value

Real World Value - $500


In this challenge, I'll help you change your mindset toward your relationship.   Giving up alcohol (even for 30 days) can seem daunting and overwhelming, but I'll help you see that it can be fun.  By working together, you'll begin to see that by giving up ONE thing, you gain back so MANY MUCH more.  If you aren't 100% happy (and I mean for ANY reason) I'll refund you in full.  

What Happens During the Challenge

Each day, you'll receive an email from me with a short video all about one topic that will help you stay motivated as you go through your 30 days.

You'll also be part of my exclusive support community where I'll do LIVE posts on certain topics and even Q&A's.  I'll also post tips, tricks, and tools in this group.  I think though, that the community will be your biggest motivator.  

What Changes After the Challenge

You can decide what you want to do after your 30 Day Alcohol Free Challenge.  Some people choose to do another round of 30 days.  Some shoot for a year and some say good-bye to alcohol forever. 

And some people choose to add alcohol back into their life in a way that works best for them. It is all up to you, and what works best for your life.  

About Sara

I am a Mom to 8 year old boy/girl twins, a wife to my husband of almost 10 years, an elementary music teacher, and an online coach in fitness & nutrition and it helping people change their habits when it comes to drinking.  I quit drinking almost one year ago, and my life changed in ways I never could have imagined.

Now, that I have seen how my like has improved I just had to share it with others.  That is why I created this 30-Day challenge.  I love being able to reach people from all around the world through online groups in areas that I am passionate about.  

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve Your Life!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Isn't this free?

The 30 Day Challenge is an item that costs money. I have found that when people put in a small investment they are more likely to actually commit, participate, and succeed. I understand that participating in a paid community is not doable for everyone.  That is why I also have a free community.  The free community can be a great place to start if you are not quite ready to commit to the 30 Day challenge yet. 

What if i'm not satisfied?

I know it can be hard to make a purchase like this, but I am so sure that you'll be fully satisfied that the No More Wasted Days team fully backs your purchase with a 60 money back guarantee.  If at anytime (within 60 days of your purchase date) you feel you did not get what was promised at the time of your purchase you can contact [email protected] and ask for a full refund.  You will be fully refunded, no questions asked.

Are the weekly q&A videos recorded?

The weekly Q & A chats are done on Zoom.  The times for the Zoom meetings are set at the beginning of each month.  Unfortunately, with so many time zones out there, I cannot schedule times that work for everyone.  However, I record every session and make sure to send out the link for the recording within 24 hours of the LIVE chat.  

HOw is the VIP Community Different than the free group?

The VIP Community that you are added to as part of the 30 Day Challenge is smaller.  It is only for members that have purchased the 30 Day Challenge package.  This is where you will be invited to the weekly Zoom chats.  The Free Community is available to ANYONE that requests to join.  That group is larger and sometimes posts get lost in that group because of the size.  Also, there are no LIVE Zoom chats offered within the free community. 

Contact the No More Wasted Days Team - [email protected]