How ALL my Relationships Changed When I Took a 30 Day Break from Drinking

One of the most positive changes that happened to me when I took a 30-day break from alcohol was how all of my relationships changed. 

When I decided to take a break from drinking, I was very worried about how my relationships would change.  

Would it be hard to hang out with my friends? 

What would my family think?

Would it be hard to handle my kids? 

I hear from a lot of moms: “Oh, I need a glass of wine. So I can kick back and relax when my kids are driving me bonkers.”

Let’s be real, no matter how awesome your kids are, they still drive us all bonkers. I was definitely concerned that I would not be as patient with my kids if I didn’t have a little wine to chill me out. 

Also, I was worried, what about my husband? How would our relationship change?  

How My Relationship with My Husband Changed:

A 30-day break from alcohol was actually my husband’s idea.  I wasn’t very excited about his idea to take a break from drinking. We were each other’s drinking buddies and that’s what I knew.  I was actually a little concerned about how we’d get along without drinking. To my surprise, we actually got along so much better without alcohol. 

When my husband and I were both drinking, there was a lot of pressure to start drinking each day, and have a happy hour at home. We would both be working on something on our own, and, then one of us would suggest, “Hey, would you like a drink?”

Then without fail, we’d be having a happy hour instead of working. We were each other’s biggest enablers.  These little “at home happy hours” were making it so we weren’t hitting the goals we set for ourselves.  I honestly didn’t see this issue until I took a break from drinking.  

Our relationship feels so much easier now. It’s much more relaxed now, and no one is forcing anyone to drink.  We don’t each have that internal battle of if we should drink and if we should bother the other person to have a drink with us. We also aren’t having an external struggle anymore where one of us wants to drink, but the other doesn’t so it causes tension.

How My Relationship with My Kids Changed:

I was SO worried that I would be more impatient with my kids without drinking.  I felt like drinking made me fun and playful, and without a glass of wine, I’d just be the mom that was constantly short with my kids.  I was SO wrong!

When I took a break from drinking, I saw that I was actually more patient with my kids.  I used to always become so relaxed after one or two glasses of wine, but then after that I just became tired and irritable.  Now, without drinking, my energy holds out a little longer each day so I am able to stay calm with my kids while we’re having dinner as a family and cleaning up the kitchen.

I also noticed that I had more of myself to give to my kids without alcohol. Now, when I hang out with my kids, I’m really there for my kids. I’m present with my kids.  It’s family time!  There is no longer struggle within myself of wanting to sit and enjoy my drink or chatting with my kids or playing a game with them.  

My weekends are no longer filled with hangovers anymore. This is something that is HUGE for me.  I used to have hangovers so often on the weekend. I would try to hide it from my kids and still have fun weekend adventures, but I was still SO irritable and tired the whole time.

Now, I am alert and ready to go on the weekend.  If we have an adventure planned, I know that I will be ready for the day, and I will not be brought down by a hangover.

How My Relationships with My Friends Changed:

To say I was worried that my relationships with my friends would suffer when I quit drinking is an understatement.  I was SO worried that my friends wouldn’t be accepting of this change or would question it.  I’ll be honest, some friends didn’t quite get it, but those friends were not my close friends.  My close friends were all super supportive, and I now see that they are getting a better version of me.

When I was drinking, there were a lot of times when I’d say: “Oh yeah, I’ll meet you.” Then I’d be hoping they’d cancel because I was hungover or I didn’t want to go because I wanted to stay at my own house and drink.

There were so many times that I wouldn’t want to go to a friend’s house for dinner or a party. My reason for this was that I knew I couldn’t drink as much as I wanted to because I’d have to drive home.

There were a lot of times where I wasn’t giving my full self to my friends and my family. Alcohol was masking my true self.  I was also that friend that would be so fun at a party until I had drank too much and I was just the super drunk person.  I wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation anymore, or I’d just pass out. 

Now my friends, family, kids, and husband get the best version of me.  The REAL version of me.

I Couldn’t Have Done It Without a 30-Day Break/Challenge First:

My quitting drinking started as a 30-day break from alcohol. I didn’t tell anyone I was doing it in the beginning. I honestly thought that I would quit drinking for 30 days and then return back to drinking afterward but with more control. That was my initial plan. However, my 30-day break was so eye opening to me that I decided to quit all together.  My 30-day break allowed me to see how much more amazing my life was without alcohol!

If you are questioning your own break from alcohol, I urge you to take a 30-day break, too.

A 30-day break from alcohol changed my life. I honestly didn’t expect it to be so positive but it turned out to be one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself!

Are you ready for your own 30-day break from alcohol so you can take a moment to step back and evaluate your own relationship with drinking?

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Prashant Patil - January 16, 2024

Trying out the same path of your alcohol free journey, hope I succeed

Prashant Patil - January 16, 2024

Trying out the same path of your alcohol free journey,hope I succeed

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